Review of the Ereto – Ngorongoro Pastoralist Project (Ereto-NPP)

2002; Denmark, Tanzania; DANIDA

Itad was contracted to undertake a set of interlinked studies on the lessons and issues emerging from the first 5 years of the Ereto project. These studies were designed to inform a Joint Review, which would make recommendations for a further phase of the project. Itad specialists therefore undertook studies on HIV/AIDS in the Maasai in Ngorogoro District; livestock and pastoralist models for Tanzania; and potential institutional linkages. The main report reviewed the impact of the project on poverty reduction, strengthening of community capacity for self management, institutional linkages and partnerships, markets and small scale economic production, water development, land resources issues, and provision of vet services.

The Ereto – Ngorongoro Pastoralist Project, funded by Danida, aims to help alleviate poverty by assisting Maasai families having three livestock units per capita or less in rebuilding their herds, using the traditional Maasai system of livestock sharing as a model. In addition, some efforts have been made to increase Maasai involvement in tourism, in particular in the Ngorogoro Conservation Area. It has also helped provide animal health services.

Image © Ankole cattle. Photo Credit: Garrett Ziegler

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