Review the Newly Designed PSRP Monitoring and Evaluation System

2001; Civil Service Department; Tanzania

Itad was recruited by the Civil Service Department to review draft plans for monitoring and evaluation within central and sector ministries.

The draft plans were criticised as being overly dependent on non-existent computer systems and network processing; to be overly complex in the number of indicators to be tracked; and to make use of service delivery surveys that were not compatible with similar initiatives taking place elsewhere in government.

Under Tanzania’s Public Service Reform Programme, governments role had been redefined, confining functions to policy and regulation, and introducing department and agency structures. The objective was to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public service delivery of the Governments economic and social programs on a continuous and sustainable basis. An important component of this reform was the promotion of Monitoring and Evaluation. This consultancy was designed to assist the Presidents Office in the design and roll-out of a common M&E system for all ministries.

Image © Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Photo Credit: Michael Sean Gallagher

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