Supporting Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness in Ghana (STAR-Ghana)

2011-2016; Ghana; Coffey International Development, DFID

Transparency, accountability and responsiveness are key aspects of good governance. DFID’s STAR Ghana programme supports civil society and Parliament in influencing how Ghana uses its budget and delivers public services.

STAR-Ghana is a multi-million programme, jointly funded by DFID, the European Commission, Danida, and USAID. The bulk of funding is managed as a grant fund for civil society organisations (CSOs) to undertake projects that improve areas such as quality of primary education and access to justice.

The programme has four main work streams: building capacity of CSOs to help citizens claim their rights; improving engagement of CSOs and the media in formulating, implementing, and monitoring government policies on key issues; increasing the use of research and information produced by CSOs in government policies and programmes; and improving the way selected Parliamentary committees work.


We are a member of the consortium managing STAR-Ghana for DFID. The programme’s Technical Director is one of our staff members. We also support on M&E and advise STAR Ghana on its approach to Value for Money (VFM). The VFM approach includes an innovative stream of participatory work to assess the social value of supporting governance initiatives. The Technical Director has led the development and revised the programme’s Theory of Change, which has helped cluster grants around themes, and explained the programme to a wider audience.

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