Tacis and the Balkans / CARDS Monitoring Programme

2002-2004; Multi-Country; European Commission

Itad was contracted by the European Commission to undertake the monitoring and analysis of all projects funded in the Tacis and Balkans/CARDS region.

The assignment involved the monitoring of all the European Community’s external assistance projects in the Tacis and Balkan/CARDS regions. The system was based on the regular visiting of projects, interviews with stakeholders and document review, using an approach underpinned by the Project Cycle Management / Log frame methodology. Analysed information and reports that were held in a central (MONIS) database. Itad had primary responsibility for running a series of training workshops for both monitors and EC Delegation staff on project monitoring, project design and use of performance indicators. Workshops were conducted in all TACIS and Balkans / CARDS regions.

Image © European Commission panel, Brussels, Nov-2012. Photo Credit: Mitch Altman.

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