UK Stabilisation Unit, Training on Monitoring and Evaluation in Conflict and Stabilisation Contexts

2017-2019; UK Stabilisation Unit, FCO; UK

Itad’s FCAS Theme Leader, David Fleming, has been contracted by the UK Stabilisation Unit for two years as Designer, Facilitator and Trainer for its two-day course on Monitoring and Evaluation in Conflict and Stabilisation Contexts.

The course runs 3-4 times per year and is intended to provide HMG staff across a range of Government Departments with the skills and insights to be able to effectively monitor and evaluation in conflict and stabilisation environments.

The two-day course covers a range of topics including approaches to developing meaningful theories of change in FCAS environments, developing strong result frameworks and context specific, gender- and conflict-sensitive indicators, and developing monitoring, evaluation and learning plans. In addition to facilitating throughout the two days, David is also responsible for participating in a panel discussion on Overcoming M&E Challenges in FCAS Environments, and for leading a Lightning Talk on measuring Political Access and Influence.

Image © FCO in spring. Photo Credit: FCO, Flickr. 

For more information please contact:

David Fleming
T: +44(0)1273 765262