Vision-to-Action Update – Analysis of the Poverty Focus of the Rural Portfolio

2000-2001; United Kingdom, United States; National Research Institute, World Bank

Itad, contracted by the National Research Institute and the World Bank, designed and directed a study to analyse a sample of 92 projects approved in 1999 and 2000 to assess their poverty focus.

The methodology built on the poverty pillars in the 2000 World Development Report, analysed the poverty diagnosis, pro-poor strategy and pro-poor project design as set out in project documents. The poverty framework was developed from guidelines for Poverty Reduction Strategies.

The study was commissioned by RDV within the framework of the Vision to Action Update and funded through the World Bank/DFID collaborative program for rural development.

Image © World Bank Head Quarters – Thinking how to end poverty the past many decades! Photo Credit: Joe Athialy


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