World Bank Sustainable Livelihoods Programme Mongolia, Roll-out of PM&E

2009; Mongolia; Population Teaching and Research Centre, World Bank

The Mongolia Second Sustainable Livelihoods Project (SLPII) is the second phase of a World Bank programme that aimed to secure and sustain rural livelihoods in communities in Mongolia by improving institutional structures and support.

The aim of the project was to set up a national institutional framework for pastoral risk management, develop a rural micro finance fund and organise community initiatives in selected aimags (provinces) that would involve local people in the decision making process.  A Participatory M&E (PM&E) system was developed during the first phase of the project.

In 2009 Itad, along with our Mongolian partner PTRC, reviewed the PM&E system from phase one and then revised it for phase two.  We provided support for the roll out of the revised system for all aimags and Ulaanbaatar city.  Itad provided the international Participation and M&E Specialist for backstopping and support during the roll-out phase.

A link to the project website can be found here.

Image © People_Itad