Evaluation of Gender Policy Implementation In UNICEF

The purpose of this evaluation was to identify how well organization had implemented its
1994 policy for the integration of gender equality into UNICEF’s programming; and to
identify good practices in gender equality upon which UNICEF can build effective future

This evaluation takes place in the context of the UN Reform process and at a time when
many multilateral and bilateral institutions are reconsidering their gender mainstreaming
and integration processes. This report represents the second step in a three-part
process. The first step was a self-assessment of UNICEF’s gender policy
implementation in five Country Offices and one Regional Office. It was led by Ada
Ocampo, Programme Officer of the Evaluation Office. The third step will be a
consultative process based on the evaluation results to prepare a management
response and action plan, focusing on the priorities for change that will enable UNICEF
to improve its performance. This third process will be led by the Division of Policy and
Practice (DPP).

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