Inception Report: Study of CDC’s mobilisation of private investment

This Inception Report describes our proposed approach to the longitudinal evaluation of CDC’s ability to mobilise private investment. The primary aims of the evaluation are to understand:

  1. The drivers of direct mobilisation, demonstration effects and investor sentiment in key markets and sectors
  2. How the activities that CDC undertakes affect these different forms of mobilisation and market sentiment, including the relative importance of these activities
  3. How both 1 and 2 are affected by the nature of investment and the investment context
  4. How CDC could increase its ability to mobilise private investment, and what DFID and other development actors could do to support this
  5. Whether CDC’s and other DFIs’ activities in target markets create observable macroeconomic effects

There is no one way to definitely answer these research questions. Rather, we will build a cumulative weight of evidence, where our level of understanding and the confidence we have in this grows over time. Over the course of the 10-year study, we will deliver a number of interconnected studies that combine to provide the evidence base.