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Dane Rogers

Dane Rogers is a Non-Executive Director of Itad and has been with the company since 1993. An agricultural economist by training, Dane is an experienced planner, evaluator and institutional development expert, as well as an accomplished trainer and facilitator.

He has over twenty-five years’ experience across a range of sectors and disciplines including governance, capacity development, aid effectiveness, poverty reduction strategies, pro poor growth, climate change, local government and decentralisation, community development, HIV/AIDS, rural development and vocational education and training. Dane has extensive experience of working with DFID, the EC, the African Development Bank, Danida, UN agencies, the World Bank and the OECD. He has worked extensively in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

Dane was appointed an Itad Director in 2000, became a shareholder in 2004, took over management of Itad’s operations in 2007 and was appointed Managing Director by the Board in 2009.

Find out more about Dane in his 60 Second Interview.

Languages: English, French
Country Experience:

Algeria, Armenia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Denmark, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Italy, Kenya, Kosovo, Laos, Luxembourg, Malawi, Netherlands, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Viet Nam, Zambia, Zimbabwe


1986 - 1987
M.Sc. Agricultural Economics
School of Development Studies, University of East Anglia, UK
1981 - 1984
B.Sc. (Hons) Agricultural Economics
University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


2015 - Ongoing
Non-Executive Director
Itad Ltd.


2015 - ongoing
Non-Executive Director
Itad Ltd.

2014 - 2015
Itad Ltd

Sep 2009 - 2014
Managing Director
Itad Ltd
Responsible for overall management of Itad's operations.
Jan 2000 - Sep 2009
Itad Ltd
Teamleader of Governance and Capacity Development workgroup
Jan 1994 - Jan 2000
Senior Consultant
Itad Ltd

Project Experience:

2013 - 2016
Monitoring, Verification and Evaluation Service Provider for the WASH Results Programme
(DFID) - Project Director
The WASH Results Programme provides funding to deliver water, sanitation and hygiene services across 13 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, employing an innovative finance mechanism following principles of ‘Payment by Results’. Itad provides independent verification services to facilitate DFID’s management of the three INGO implementing consortia.

Dane prepared the design and budget for this complex assignment and selected the team; provided technical and financial oversight of the project and mentoring support to the Project Manager.

2013 - 2015
Evaluation of the European Union co-operation strategy with Yemen
(European Commission) - Teamleader and Project Director
Evaluation of EC Support to Yemen, with a particular focus on food security, resilience, private sector development, social service delivery and public administration reform.

Dane was Project Director and Team Leader of this evaluation, responsible for technical design and delivery, team management and report presentation.

2013 - 2014
PSNP & HABP: Climate Smart Initiative (CSI)
(World Bank, Ethiopia ) - Facilitator
Public Safety Nets Programme and Household Asset Building Programme (World Bank), the flagship food security programmes of the Ethiopian Government.

Dane advised on M&E system design; responsible for subsequent design and delivery of facilitation and training support to the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) team.

Evaluation of EU Support to Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment
(EC, Global) - Quality assurance and co-author of final report
The evaluation focused on how the strategy for gender mainstreaming had been implemented by EC Services, the EEAS and two Member States, the Netherlands and Spain.

Dane provided quality assurance advice and comments to support the design and formulation of evaluation processes and products, including significant inputs to the final report.

GIZ training of trainers
(GIZ, Uganda ) - Trainer
As part of the project, Itad was contracted to design and deliver a training of trainers programme for staff from government, civil societies, universities and the private sector, aimed at building a critical mass of trainers on evaluation in Uganda which could then be rolled-out as a training programme among a larger target group of OPM administrators, decision makers, project managers, public sector officials, the private sector and civil society. Modules covered an introduction to evaluation design and management, quantitative methods, qualitative methods, value for money and impact evaluation.

Dane was responsible for the design and co-delivery of the module on evaluation design and management.

Evaluation of the African Capacity Building Foundation’s (ACBF) Strategic Medium Term Plan II (SMTP II)
(African Capacity Building Foundation, Zimbabwe, Ghana) - Organisational Review Expert
Dane was responsible for a review of organisational effectiveness, addressed through a desk- and interview-based assessment of strategy and of the internal administration and policy reforms undertaken by the Foundation since 2009.
2011 - 2012
Joint evaluation of civil society engagement in policy dialogue
(Danida, UK, Uganda) - Workshop facilitator/Project Director
Dane provided overall supervision of the evaluation process. He designed and facilitated a stakeholder workshop in Uganda to review and refine evaluation findings.
Urban Climate Change Resilience Programme design consultancy
(DFID, UK) - Theory of Change/M&E Expert
Funded by DFID, Rockefeller Foundation and the ADB, the Urban Climate Change Resilience Partnership (UCCRP) supported city level engagement with multiple systems - ecological, environmental, institutional, social, political, governance - to build resilience within 2nd tier cities in order to impact on the effects of climate change shocks on the urban poor.

As part of a wider team, reviewed the draft documentation to develop alternative theories of change and associated logframes for consideration by the funding partners; and developed a monitoring and evaluation framework that emphasises a strong focus on evaluation and learning.

2010 - 2015
DFID Policy Development Facility (PDF)
(DFID Nigeria, Nigeria) - M&E expert
The Facility supports technical assistance for the design and implementation of evidence-based policies and initiatives in economics, trade, private sector development, public expenditure management, tax policy and regulation, fiscal decentralisation, social development, poverty analysis, and social impact assessment.

Dane was responsible for the M&E system design and for provision of an M&E helpdesk support to the PMU staff and PDF subcontractors.

2010 - 2011
Evaluation of implementation of the Paris Declaration principles by the African Development Bank
(African Development Bank, Tunisia) - Organisational Review Expert
Evaluation of the implementation of the Paris Declaration by the African Development Bank, part of a series of donor and partner country evaluations undertaken as part of the global evaluation of the Paris Declaration commissioned and overseen by an International Reference Group.

Dane designed and led the organisational review component of the evaluation, including stakeholder interviews, a stakeholder survey and Focus Discussion Groups.

2009 - 2010
Joint learning programme on pro poor growth
(GTZ on behalf of Train4Dev and PovNet, Various) - Co-designer and lead facilitator
Dane was overall team leader, co-designer and lead facilitator for a series of Learning Events to provide participants with a clear understanding of current DAC policy guidance on pro-poor growth and what sorts of public policy and investment will better contribute to achieving pro poor growth. Workshop participants included senior government officials involved in policy design and delivery.
Logframe training for DFID Nigeria
(DFID, Nigeria) - Trainer
Dane adapted existing course materials to the particular needs of the DFID Nigeria country team. He designed two types of workshop, for less experienced and more experienced staff.
Logframe training for DFID Health Resource Centre
(UK Department of Health, UK) - Lead trainer and facilitator
Building on a series of DFID contracts to train DFID staff in its revised logframe format, Dane assisted in the design and facilitation of a workshop for the National Support Team for Health Inequalities.
Support to implementation of the EU-Ukraine Partnership and Cooperation Agreement
(European Commission, Ukraine) - Senior expert, monitoring
Dane provided advice and training support across ministries to build understanding and capacity for M&E as a precursor to the design of an M&E system for follow-up, & coordination of implementation of EU Integration Policy and Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU at strategic, operational & working levels.
Design & delivery of training in DFID's revised logframe format
(DFID, UK, Africa, Asia) - Co-designer and trainer
Dane was a co-designer and trainer for a course on the revised logframe format and deliver this to DFID staff in the UK and country offices. A series of courses were delivered to about 120 'logframe champions' within DFID and a further 60 DFID and programme staff. Participant feedback was excellent.
2008 - 2010
The State Partnership for Accountability, Responsiveness and Capability (SPARC)
(DFID, Nigeria) - Technical Director, Monitoring and Evaluation
The programme provided technical assistance to support more effective public financial management, civil service reform, responsive policy formulation and encourage performance-focused public service in Nigeria by helping state governments to improve revenue collection, reduce budgetary waste, improve public financial management and public service management, and implement strategies for locally led planning.

Dane led Itad’s input, providing technical direction on programme monitoring and evaluation, capacity building support to state governments, and the establishment of a performance management framework to guide a suite of DFID funded programmes working on governance, health, education and private sector development.

Development of the ILC Operating System and M&E Framework
(International land Coalition, Italy) - Facilitator/Planning and M&E expert
ILC is a global alliance of civil society and intergovernmental organisations working together to put people at the centre of land governance.

Dane contributed to developing an Operating Framework to guide annual and multi-year result-based workplanning; and Monitoring and Evaluation Framework to guide regular and systematic assessments of ILCs progress toward achieving its strategic objectives.

Design and delivery of a training workshop on Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
(DFID, Zimbabwe) - Trainer/facilitator
Phase I of the Protracted Relief Programme (PRP) started in August 2004 to assist the poorest and most vulnerable groups. The programme built on the initial NGO relief efforts and provided multi-year funding to improve livelihoods and food security of the poorest households in a more sustainable way. PRP II will place greater emphasis on the integration of participatory approaches and the use of qualitative information into the current largely quantitative M&E systems.

The purpose of this assignment was to strengthen the use of qualitative methods within a participatory monitoring and evaluation system in PRP phase II, commencing in late 2008. ITAD designed and delivered a training workshop for project partners to share experiences on qualitative and participatory methods, including MSC and to learn about other qualitative methods that could be used for PRPII M&E. The workshop was conducted in Harare in October 2008.

Evaluation of DFID's Cambodia Country Programme
(DFID, Cambodia) - Deputy Team Leader
DFID’s portfolio focused on portfolio centred on support to policy design and delivery in the health and rural livelihoods sectors and for decentralisation. Dane led the evaluation component focused on DFID-Cambodia's portfolio for pro poor local government reform.
Evaluation of Irish Aid’s Country Strategy Paper for Uganda 2007-2009
(Irish Aid, Ireland) - Trainer
Dane developed and delivered a short training programme on Poverty Impact Assessment (PIA) for Irish Aid staff from headquarters and field offices. Through an awareness raising session open to all staff and a webinar training session for field staff, the programme aimed at identifying opportunities for Irish Aid to promote PIA as a policy appraisal tool for partner governments.
Facilitation support to more effective programming of the ECs Instrument for Pre-accession (IPA) in Kosovo
(DFID, Kosovo) - Facilitator/trainer
Dane co-designed and co-delivered three planning workshops to Kosovan civil servants and EU Delegation staff involved in the design and approval of IPA projects.
Review of the Outreach and Impact of Selected CTA Projects, Products and Services
(Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation , Multi-country study) - Project Director
A joint EU/ACP Secretariat body working to advance food security, resilience and inclusive economic growth in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific through innovations in sustainable agriculture.

Dane provided oversight and technical advice to the design and conduct of a joint learning review of eight of CTA's core products and services via a series of ten country visits.

2006 - 2008
Joint staff training on poverty reduction strategies
(GTZ, Uganda, Kenya, Mali, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nicaragua, Armenia, Ghana, Benin, Laos, Cameroon, Senegal) - Project Director and Team Leader
Dane provided overall leadership (as Project Director and Team Leader) to design and deliver a series of 15 regional and country-specific workshops for donor and government staff in East Africa, West Africa, South East Asia, South Asia, the Caucasus and Latin America. The purpose of the workshops was to develop a common understanding of the PRS process, to share insights, and to identify practical opportunities for joint, harmonised action to strengthen the PRS process. Rated as one of the most successful Train4Dev programmes.
2005 - 2008
Establishment of improved and results-based business processes and procedures within the Commonwealth Secretariat
(Commonwealth Secretariat, United Kingdom) - Team Leader
The Commonwealth Secretariat provides guidance on policy making, technical assistance and advisory services to Commonwealth member countries.

Dane provided business process mapping to identify current strengths and weaknesses; preparation of draft guidelines for results-based design and management of development activities; support to development of an MIS to operationalise the guidelines; and training design and delivery to familiarise staff with the guidelines and to support roll-out of the new MIS.

Strategy development and facilitation
(International Land Coalition, Italy) - Planner/Facilitator
The ILC is a global alliance of intergovernmental, governmental and civil-society organizations who work with rural poor people to increase their secure access to land and productive resources, especially land, and enable them to participate directly in policy formulation and decision-making processes that affect their livelihoods at local, national, regional and international levels.

Responsible for providing support to: 1. Finalisation of the draft Strategic Framework 2007-2010 for presentation to the Assembly of Members; 2. Development of an operational/business plan for implementing the Strategic Framework, and for establishing financial sustainability for ILC as an autonomous entity; 3. Development of a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for ILC at the operational/programme/activity as well as the overall corporate level; 4. Assessment of possible options for establishing ILCs legal identity.

Sida, Advisory and evaluation support to the Chia Se Poverty Alleviation Programme
(Sida, Vietnam) - Various
Represented Sida on two joint donor-government reviews of the Socio-Economic Development Program for Extremely Difficult Communes in Ethnic Minority and Mountainous Areas. Co-facilitated a follow-up workshop to the mid-term review of Sida's Chia Se programme, which sought to reduce rural poverty through a rights based approach and to disseminate policy lessons to the Government of Vietnam.
Unicef evaluation of Bosnia and Herzegovina social protection programme
(UNICEF, BiH, Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Aid effectiveness expert
Dane conducted a supervisory visit to support the team of national consultants and to examine donor performance with regard to harmonisation and alignment on social protection.
Pilot Learning Event on Pro Poor Growth
(OECD (PovNet and Train4Dev), UK/France) - Course Director
The OECD had prepared policy guidance to donors and policy makers on pro poor growth, paying special attention to the role of private sector development, agriculture and infrastructure.

Dane was course director and lead trainer on a joint Itad/ODI team responsible for developing a series of briefing papers, training materials and case studies on pro poor growth and policy implications for donors. During the workshop country teams composed of senior donor and government policy staff applied a new Poverty Impact Assessment tool to a real case study policy or programme in their country, to identify a set of actions by which to pro poor growth design aspects could be strengthened.

Workshop on Tools for Policy Analysis
(European Commission, Belgium) - Facilitator
Itad managed the Aid Delivery Methods contract to provide training and methodological support to the European Commission and Partner Governments. This one-day workshop on policy assessment (one of the 'seven assessments' undertaken as part of the design of a sector policy support programme) was intended to provide inputs to the design of a future policy training course. designed and facilitated a one-day workshop to

Designed and facilitated the workshop in order to check the relevance of a proposed analytical framework and toolkit for policy analysis, to identify and characterise the role and needs of EC staff as active participants in policy analysis and dialogue, and to agree of the scope of a future course.

Digitising the herbarium at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew
(Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, UK) - Facilitator
The Herbarium at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew contains a reference collection of over 6 million specimens of dried plants and fungi. Botanists use these specimens, together with material from the living collection, to study plant characters in order to catalogue the diversity of the plant kingdom. By digitising the Herbarium and making the collection available online, Kew will significantly improve management of and access to specimens and related data.

Dane designed and facilitated a workshop for senior management within Kew, to develop a prioritised list of existing and potential services and users of a digital Herbarium, and to identify critical next steps to digitise the Herbarium collection.

Global Evaluation for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance
(International HIV/AIDS Alliance, UK, Cambodia, India, Senegal, Ecuador) - Team Leader
Dane was the team leader, responsible for the design and conduct of an evaluation of the IHAA’s five-year strategy, focusing in particular on the organisational approach through which the Secretariat supported national intermediary organisations to rapidly channel resources and capacity to community-level NGOs and CBOs in order to support an expanded community response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
Nigeria MDG M&E system
(Federal Government of Nigeria, Nigeria) - Public sector M&E expert
The MDG Conditional Grants Scheme was designed to address the MDGs at the local level by providing additional funding to scale-up the MDGs activities of State and Local Governments. Dane prepared the study design; conducted interviews with MDAs; analysed initial findings; facilitated stakeholder workshop to validate initial findings and study design.
2005 - 2006
M&E design for the Poor Communes Livelihoods and Infrastructure Programme, Vietnam
(Government of Vietnam, Vietnam) - Planning specialist
P-CLIP was intended to reduce poverty and build sustainable livelihoods for the most disadvantaged communes.

Dane was part of the team that prepared a Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy, including monitoring tools and reporting procedures, and proposed institutional arrangements for carrying out M&E activities and ensuring the effective use of the information gathered.

2005 - 2006
Training and methodological support for EC development cooperation policy
(European Commission (EuropeAid), Brussels, Belgium) - Project Director
Dane provided technical and contractual oversight to the design and delivery of project services. During this phase, new policy and programming guidance was prepared for Sector Support Programme

An Introduction to the Logical Framework Approach
(Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, United Kingdom) - Trainer
Dane designed and delivered training in the Logical Framework Approach to senior managers and staff of the Royal Botanic Gardens.
Evaluation of CTAs Strategic Plan 2001-05
(Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), UK/Netherlands) - Team Leader
Dane designed and led evaluation to determine how effectively CTA had implemented its Strategic Plan (2001-2005), and at the same to provide inputs to the development of its new Strategic Plan (2005-2010). The evaluation was conducted across the three ACP regions, with country visits being undertaken by other team members.
2003 - 2005
Review of Alliance goals and programmes
(International HIV/AIDS Alliance, United Kingdom) - M&E specialist
Dane was an M&E specialist as part of team to review Alliance goals and programmes, develop indicators, and design reporting to meet the needs of expanding programme and changing donor requirements.
2003 - 2005
Logframe advice to Prevention and Care programme on Kenya HIV/AIDS
(National Aids Control Council, Kenya) - Member of the Technical Advisory Group
A five-year, £20 million programme designed to restructure and strengthen Kenya's National AIDS Control Council.

Dane supported NACC to revise the strategic logframe for the Kenya National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan and to develop sector-specific workplans.

2002 - 2005
Project Cycle Management, Sector Programmes & Budgetary Aid, EC
(European Commission, Brussels, Belgium) - Project Director
The contract included three full-time Brussels-based helpdesk consultants, providing methodological and technical support to EC external relations services in Brussels and Delegations to improve the design quality of EC programmes. Included the design and delivery of a large-scale training and workshop facilitation programme in English, French and Spanish, to staff from the EC and partner country administrations.
Support to build capacity in government ministries to mainstream HIV/AIDS
(Department for International Development, DFID, Kenya) - Sector Planning specialist
Dane was a member of a team providing support to build capacity in government ministries to mainstream HIV/AIDS. Particular responsibility for design and delivery of training support to Aids Control Units in sector ministries, assisting them to develop or revise sector specific strategies and work plans to mainstream HIV/AIDS, and to better plan, monitor and report against these.
Annual Impact Assessment of Executive Agencies/ Annual Impact Assessment of Planning in MDAs
(Presidents Office Tanzania, Tanzania) - Team Leader
Dane was team Leader of a study into the effectiveness of planning in ministries and government departments, conducted for the President's Office of Public Service Management.
Mid-Term Review of PASS (Programme of Advisory and Support Services)
(Department for International Development, United Kingdom) - Team Member
Dane is one of a two-person team to review programme performance and to recommend improvements to its efficiency and effectiveness.
An Introduction to the Logical Framework Approach
(Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, United Kingdom) - Trainer
Dane designed and delivered training in the Logical Framework Approach to senior managers and staff of the Royal Botanic Gardens.
Review of Defra Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund
(Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, United Kingdom) - Consultant
Dane was a member of a two-person team that reviewed the objectives of Defra Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund.

Work included two workshops with staff from the Fund Distribution Bodies, stakeholder interviews including Defra, English Heritage, Countryside Commission. Drafted a design for self-evaluation and a project database.

Preparation of a Logframe for a Policy Appraisal One-Stop Shop
(Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, United Kingdom) - Workshop facilitator
Dane was workshop facilitator to assist the Evaluation Department.
2002 - 2003
Local Government Information and Communication System (LoGICS)
(Ministry of Local Government, Uganda) - Project Director
Dane was project director of a 14 person multi-disciplinary team for the design and development of a computerised information and communication system to monitor local government performance in Uganda. The system covered the monitoring of district level service delivery, project implementation, and compliance with legal requirements, and provides internet access to comparative data at national level.
European Commission – Evaluation of European Training Foundation
(European Training Foundation, Italy, Brussels, Algeria, United Kingdom) - Project Director and evaluation expert
The European Training Foundation is a European Union agency that helps transition and developing countries harness the potential of their human capital through the reform of education, training and labour market systems.

Dane was Project Director and Teamleader of three-person team. Conducted country visit to Algeria.

2001 - 2002
Logframe advice to Prevention and Care programme on Kenya HIV/AIDS
(DFID, United Kingdom, Kenya) - Logframe expert and facilitator
Dane conducted a revision of a strategic logframe for the Kenya National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan, and the development of sector-specific workplans.
2001 - 2002
Evaluation of Research Dissemination, DFID
(DFID, United Kingdom) - Evaluation expert
Dane conducted an evaluation of DFID's dissemination of research. Developed evaluation methodology, questionnaires and guidelines.
2001 - 2002
Management of the Application Process of the IUDD KaR Programme
(DFID , United Kingdom) - Project Coordinator
Dane set up and management of the application and selection process of the Infrastructure and Urban Development Department (IUDD) Engineering knowledge and Research Programme application round of 2001-2002.
Assessment of World Food Programme, Emergency Response Training
(World Food Programme, Italy) - Project Director
Dane provided oversight and technical support to the consultant sub-contracted to undertake this assignment.
Preparation of the EC's Country Support Strategy
(European Commission, Guyana) - Project Director
Managing consultancy team preparing the ECs Country Support Strategy for Guyana.
2000 - 2001
Design and Management of Training Courses
(DG Personnel and Administration, UK/Belgium) - Course Director/Lead Trainer
Dane was responsible for the design and management of 3 short-courses in basic project management skills, run by Itad on behalf of DG Personnel and Administration.
2000 - 2001
Project Cycle Management for Shell Foundation Sustainable Energy Programme
(Shell Foundation, United Kingdom) - Project Cycle Management Specialist
Dane was Project Cycle Management Specialist for the Shell Foundation, a charity which aims to support efforts worldwide to advance the goal of sustainable development. Working with their Sustainable Energy Programme and Sustainable Communities Programme, responsible for the design and implementation of a system for the management of grant-funded projects through the project cycle. Management tools designed include concept and full proposal application forms, guidelines for systematic review of proposals, and user-friendly guides for the preparation of logframes and activity schedules. The management tools created emphasise stakeholder involvement, transparency of selection criteria and decision making, and built-in mechanisms for feedback and communication.
1999 - 2001
Evaluation of Danida’s Bilateral Programme for Enhancement of Research Capacity in Developing Countries
(DANIDA, UK/Denmark) - Project Manager
Evaluation of Danida ENRECA programme, which supports the long-term development of research capacity in developing countries through twinning arrangements between Danish and developing country research institutions. As well as assessing the programmes performance, the evaluation will contribute to considerations about the future design of the programme. The evaluation was conducted by a core team of 4 research management specialists, in the typical three-phased approach desk study; country visits; synthesis and report-writing.
Coordination of the Local Government Reform Programme and Sector Reforms
(DFID, Tanzania) - Local Government/M&E Specialist
Part of team to develop an integrated framework for the coordination of the Local Government Reform Programme with sectoral development programmes. The assignment involved extensive document reviews, followed by a series of interviews and focus group discussions with government staff within central government, at regional level, and in a sample of districts. The findings were used to identify the changes in roles, responsibilities and decision-making powers of government ministries, in particular concerning systems for service delivery and oversight. A framework for coordination was developed with outline terms of reference, and suggestions for the optimal coordination of the regular ongoing management of local government and sector reforms.
Vision-to-Action Update – Analysis of the Poverty Focus of the Rural Portfolio
(World Bank, USA) - Study Team Member
Member of study team to analyse a sample of 92 World Bank projects approved in 1999 and 2000 to assess their poverty focus. The methodology built on the poverty pillars in the 2000 World Development Report, and analysed the poverty diagnosis, pro-poor strategy and pro-poor project design as set out in project documents. The poverty framework was developed from guidelines for Poverty Reduction Strategies. The study was commissioned by RDV within the framework of the Vision to Action Update and funded through the World Bank/DFID collaborative program for rural development.
Design and facilitation of a strategic planning workshop
(WHO, Geneva, Switzerland) - Workshop facilitator
Responsible for the design and facilitation of a strategic planning workshop to refine the strategy document for the Making Pregnancy Safer (MPS) initiative, WHOs contribution to the worldwide Safe Motherhood initiative. The workshop resulted in the development of a logframe for MPSs global and country-level operations. The logframe will be used subsequently for the development of a programme workplan, and country-level strategies and workplans.
1999 - 2000
Preparation and delivery of training course Introductory Training in Project Cycle Management for Devolved District Administrations
(British Council, UK/Uganda) - Project Manager/Trainer
Developed within the context of the 1997 Local Government Act, the British Council-funded training supports District-level government staff in their efforts to design and prepare project proposals in order to attract grant funds from international donors. Training was conducted for planning staff from every district administration in Uganda.
Design and management of courses in basic project management skills
(DG Personnel and Administration (ex-DGIX), UK/Belgium) - Course Director
Responsible for the design and management of 2 short-courses in basic project management skills, run by Itad.
1998 - 1999
Helpdesk & Training Services in Project Cycle Management, Sector Programmes & Budgetary Aid
(DGIB and DGVIII / EC, Brussels) - Team Leader & Trainer
Dane was Team Leader & Trainer for two contracts (initially with DGIB and DGVIII but subsequently combined within the SCR) to deliver PCM training and helpdesk support. Key achievements: Designed and managed training programme which trained over 1000 staff from the Commission, partner governments, consultants, NGOs and European Parliament, in Brussels and ACP/ALA/MED states;

Delivered over 30 training courses in Brussels and partner states (Vietnam, Philippines, Egypt); Author of PCM handbook to support the training programme; Assess nearly 200 project documents (Project Identification Sheets; Financing Proposals; Terms of Reference; etc.) to support the application of PCM quality criteria; Provided support to ad hoc working groups - DGVIII Quality Support Group; development of revised formats for DGVIII Project Identification Sheet and Financing Proposal.

Development of short and medium term research plans for the Serere Agricultural and Animal Production Research Institute (SAARI)
(Serere Agricultural and Animal Production Research Institute (SAARI), Uganda) - Research Planning Consultant
Dane assisted in the development of short and medium term research plans for the Serere Agricultural and Animal Production Research Institute (SAARI), and to assess the capacity building needs of the Monitoring, Evaluation and Planning Unit (MEPU) of National Agricultural Research Institute (NARO). The logframes developed at SAARI were used as the basis for the research plans of the remaining 7 research institutes under NARO. ITAD recommendations for strengthening MEPU were incorporated into DFID plans for support to NARO and SAARI.
Review of project Implementation Completion Reports (ICRs)
(Evaluation Department (OED) of the World Bank , United Kingdom) - Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist
Dane was a member of an Itad team to assist Operations Evaluation Department (OED) of the World Bank with a review of project Implementation Completion Reports (ICRs). ICRs are prepared by Bank regional offices for all completed projects. They review project implementation, achievements, lessons learned; and provide evaluation ratings of project outcome, sustainability, institutional development impact, and Bank operational performance.
Prepare a framework for performance measurement of the Agricultural Sector Investment Programme (ASIP)
(Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock Development and Marketing, Kenya) - Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant
Preparation of a framework for performance measurement of the Agricultural Sector Investment Programme (ASIP) currently being designed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock Development and Marketing. The performance measurement framework stressed the need for management procedures which enable the information from measurement to be a necessary and influential contribution to management and to decisions on budget allocation.
Training workshop in project management skills for Project Administrators
(TACIS/ EU, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova) - Course Designer
Responsible for preparation of training manual and training materials for training workshop in project management skills for Project Administrators of Tempus projects in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. Based on the training manual, prepared a Project Management Handbook (based on the Logical Framework Approach) for use by all staff involved in implementation of Tempus Tacis programmes.
Evaluation of EU-funded programme Return and Reintegration of Qualified African Nationals
(European Commission, Brussels, Geneva, Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia) - Team Leader
Team leader for evaluation of EU-funded programme Return and Reintegration of Qualified African Nationals. The programme was designed to encourage qualified and experienced Africans living abroad to return home in order to contribute to economic development. Programme activities include identifying priority manpower needs in participating African countries, recruiting suitably qualified professionals in industrialised countries, developing mechanisms for the institutionalisation of the programme. The evaluation made use of file studies, key informant and group interviews of stakeholders and beneficiaries, and a formal survey of beneficiaries.
Training in Project Cycle Management for the Phare/Eurostat project cycle
(Phare/Eurostat , Belgium) - Course leader/lead trainer
The course covered all stages from strategic planning to project completion/evaluation based on the logical framework approach.
Preparation of training manual and training materials for training workshop
(EC/ Tempus, UK & Italy) - Course designer
Responsible for preparation of training manual and training materials for training workshop in project management skills for Project Administrators of Tempus projects in the Russian Federation. Subject areas include: Project management; Setting objectives; Developing and using activity and cost schedules; Monitoring; Teamwork; Communication; Time management; Managing meetings.
Preparation of guidelines for monitoring and evaluation
(European Commission, UK & Philippines) - Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
Responsible for preparation of guidelines for monitoring and evaluation. Chairing a national working group set up by the EC Delegation to develop operational guidelines on designing and managing monitoring and evaluation systems on EU-funded programmes in the Philippines. Responsible for editing of working group materials and drafting of the handbook, which advocates the use of the logical framework approach and participatory techniques.
1995 - 1996
Design and installation of monitoring and evaluation system
(EC, Western Samar, Philippines) - Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
Responsible for design and installation of monitoring and evaluation system for a 15 MECU microprojects programme. Devising and implementing training programmes in M&E for project staff, and providing training in simple M&E techniques (including Participatory Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation) for local government, NGOs, and community-based organisations. Preparation of programme workplan, including redesign of programme logframe through a series of participatory planning workshops.
Tacis and the Balkans / CARDS Monitoring Programme
(TACIS/EU, NIS Countries) - Course Designer
Prepared manual and training materials for the Tacis project, Training in Project Cycle Management, covering all countries of NIS - the project cycle; the logical framework approach; activity scheduling and cost scheduling.
Delivery of Training in the Logical Framework Approach
(Run by ITAD & University of London, United Kingdom) - Trainer
Prepared training materials & delivered training in the Logical Framework Approach as part of the course Managing Rural Development (run by Itad & the University of London) covering: the logframe; activity scheduling; cost schedules; project budgeting; and spreadsheet applications.
Delivery of Training in Monitoring and Evaluation
(Ministry of Agriculture , Hungary) - Trainer
Delivered training in monitoring & evaluation as part of the course Professional Training to Ministry of Agriculture Staff in the Project Cycle
Technical Assistance in Training and Education in the Agricultural and Food Sectors of Turkmenistan
(EU, Turkmenistan) - Consultant
Undertook site visit to determine institutional background, policy framework, preliminary training needs, and logistical issues.
General company promotion and co-authorship of technical proposal
(EC, United Kingdom) - Consultant Agricultural Economist FAI, UK
Responsible for general company promotion and co-authorship of technical proposal for EC-funded training project in Poland.
Design of M&E component of technical proposal
(Local government , United Kingdom) - Consultant Agricultural Economist , Masdar, UK
Undertook design of M&E component of technical proposal for a major institutional strengthening and training project to support local government in Zambia.
Detailed project methodology design
(EC-TACIS, United Kingdom) - Consultant Agricultural Economist , Masdar, UK
Undertook a detailed project methodology design for a major EC-TACIS project. This was initiated through a task analysis of complex TOR involving 180 activities. The activities were broken down into about 600 tasks which facilitated full technical analysis of the requirements of the project.
1991 - 1992
District Development Support Programme
(ODA, Zambia) - Monitoring and Evaluation Adviser
This was an ODA-funded institution-building programme, seeking to develop and strengthen technical and management systems within District Councils and local government institutions; to develop the capacity of Council and local government manpower to operate new and existing systems; and to enable local manpower to respond positively to change in order to achieve sustainable development. Working within a 7-person multi-disciplinary team of expatriate consultants, responsibilities included: System development for description and monitoring of district council management; Detailed structured interviews with senior managers to identify and address major constraints in local Government management and operations; Implementation of financial monitoring system to assist in capital allocation; Analysis of project identification and monitoring procedures operated by district institutions; Redesign and implementation of quarterly reporting system to the satisfaction of the funding agent (ODA).
Preparation of a working paper for the Ministry of Agriculture to assist LWADD Adaptive Research Unit in identification of target groups
(Agricultural Development Division (LWADD), Malawi) - Planning and Evaluation Adviser, Liwonde
LWADD comprises a Management Unit and 5 Rural Development Projects covering 5 districts. The GTZ funded technical assistance team provided support to extension, adaptive research, credit administration, rural enterprise, and monitoring and evaluation. Primary responsibility involved preparation of a working paper for the Ministry of Agriculture to assist LWADD Adaptive Research Unit in identification of target groups. This involved detailed analysis of weaknesses in Annual Survey of Agriculture (ASA) data; and recommendations on improvements in methodologies in data collection, analysis, presentation and use.

Membership of professional associations:

  • UK Evaluation Society - Itad representative
  • International Development Evaluation Association - Itad representative


  • UNITAID 5-year evaluation - Summary (2012)

  • Joint Evaluation of Support to Civil Society Engagement in Policy Dialogue (2013)
    Evaluation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida, Denmark