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Emmeline Henderson

Emmeline Henderson (née Willcocks) joined Itad in 2013 and is a core member of our internal Knowledge Hub.

Emmeline is responsible for the design and delivery of Itad’s communication strategy and leads the comms team in its implementation. She works with colleagues from across the organisation to ensure that all of Itad’s communications reflect our values, promote Itad’s technical expertise, and are engaging and useful for our audiences. She has oversight of Itad’s publications, website, social media, internal communications and branding, and reports on communications effectiveness to the Itad board and senior leaders. Emmeline also provides communication and knowledge sharing support to Itad projects.

As part of the Knowledge Hub, Emmeline works to strengthen Itad’s knowledge sharing through external event engagement, cross-company learning events, and strategic initiatives to share innovation with the wider evaluation and international development communities.

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