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Rob Lloyd

Rob is a partner at Itad and jointly leads the Governance and Institutional Strengthening Practice. He is an expert in evidence-informed policy making, organisational reform, capacity development, policy advocacy, and evaluation and learning systems. He has worked on these issues with a wide range of clients from the public, foundation and non-profit sectors including Norad, Danida, DFID, EC, UNICEF, GIZ, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Nike Foundation and Big Win Foundation.

Rob has managed a number of large-scale complex multi-country evaluations including an evaluation of DFID’s support to building the capacity of policymakers in eight countries to access, appraise and use evidence (BCURE) and an evaluation of DFID’s Humanitarian Innovation and Evidence Programme. He was Deputy Team Leader for the evaluation (Can we demonstrate the difference that Norwegian aid makes?) that won best evaluation of the year at the Norwegian Evaluation Society in 2014. He has worked closely with the Global Policy and Advocacy Division at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s to evaluate a number of its advocacy portfolios, including Global Fund Advocacy Program (GFAP), Global Health Research and Development advocacy portfolio, and the Development Policy and Finance portfolio. He is also currently team leader of an evaluation of the Harvard Ministerial Leadership programme, an initiative supported by Big Win Philanthropy, Rockefeller Foundation and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to support visionary Education and Health Ministers from low and middle-income countries to articulate and implement legacy goals.

Prior to joining Itad Rob led the Bond Effectiveness Programme and previously was Impact and Shared Learning Manager at ActionAid where he led the development of their M&E systems. Prior to that, he was Projects Manager at the One World Trust where he led the production and revision to the Global Accountability Report between 2007-2009, an index that compared 90 organisations from the public, private and NGO sectors in the areas of evaluation, transparency, participation and complaints handling.

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Nationality: British
Languages: English (mother tongue), German, Spanish
Country Experience:

Belize, DR Congo, Eritrea, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda


MA Governance and Development (Distinction)
Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex
BA Geography (2.1)
Kings College London, University of London


2018 - ongoing
Itad Ltd.

2015 - 2018
Associate Director
Itad Ltd

2012 - 2015
Principal Consultant
Itad Ltd

2010 - 2012
Head of Effectiveness Programme

Shared Impact and Learning Coordinator
Action Aid UK

2007 - 2010
Projects Manager
One World Trust

2005 - 2006
Project Officer
One World Trust

2003 - 2004
Research Assistant
Institute of Development Studies

Project Experience:

Evaluation and MLE framework development for the Development Policy and Finance (DPAF) portfolio
(Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) - Project Director / Team Leader

2017 - 2021
Evaluation of the Harvard Ministerial Leadership Program
(Big Win Philanthropy Foundation) - Team Leader

Evaluation of the Global Health Research and Development advocacy portfolio
(Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) - Project Director

2015 - 2017
Global Fund Advocacy Portfolio Level Assessment
(Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) - Project Director

2014 - 2016
2014 - Present
2014 - 2015
Girl Hub Global Evaluation, Research and Learning
(GirlHub/Nike Foundation) - Project Director

GIZ training of trainers
(GIZ, Uganda) - Project Director

Design and Implementation of an Impact Monitoring System for Transparency International Movement
(Transparency International ) - Project Director

Quality Review and Synthesis of 2012/13 AusAID Operational Evaluations
(AusAID) - Team Member

2012 - 2015
Research and impact evaluation of DFID Access and Beneficiary Feedback Pilots Programme
(DFID, Bangladesh, Mozambique, Pakistan, India, Tanzania, Ethiopia) - Deputy team leader

2012 - 2014
M&E of the NICE International Health Partnerships Scheme
(NICE International, India, China and UK) - Team Leader

2012 - 2013
Meta-evaluation of the added value of strategic funding to CSOs
(CAFOD (representing all NGOs receiving DfID PPA funding), UK) - Team Leader

2009 - 2010
Design, roll out and evaluation of a stakeholder feedback mechanism
(Amnesty International, UK) - Study lead

Capacity support to southern think tanks
(IDRC, Nepal, Kenya) - Capacity development specialist

Development of M&E systems for ActionAid UK campaigns and policy
(ActionAid UK) - M&E expert

2009 - 2010
Training on accountability and transparency in humanitarian emergencies
(NGO Voluntary Organisations in Cooperation in Emergencies (VOICE), Belgium) - Lead trainer

2008 - 2010
Development of country level accountability frameworks and learning platforms for CSOs
(Commonwealth Foundation, India, Belize, Cameroon, Pacific Islands, Uganda) - Project Director

Development of capacity assessment tool for TI Advocacy and Legal Advice Centers
(Transparency international, Germany) - Study lead

Independent evaluation of the Code of Conduct applicable to Members of the European Commission
(European Commission, Spain, Belgium, UK, USA) - Team Member

Development of capacity assessment tool for TI National Chapters
(Transparency International, Germany) - Lead

Assessing IAVI's VFM proposition phase II
(International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), UK) - Deputy Team Leader

Advising on the development of the Bond Effectiveness Programme
(Bond UK) - Study Lead

2009 - 2010
Independent evaluation of EC funding to NGOs
(Independent evaluation of EC funding to NGOs) - Deputy team leader

Survey of staff perception's of accountability and transparency in World Vision International
(World Vision International, Switzerland) - Study Lead

Design of compliance system for CARE International's Humanitarian Accountability Framework
(CARE International, Switzerland) - Study lead

2008 - 2009
Independent review of Cordaid's accountability to Southern Partners, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, parliamentarians and the Dutch public
(Cordaid, Netherlands) - Team Leader

2008 - 2009
Independent evaluation of Oxfam GB's accountability to beneficiaries in the Horn, East and Central Africa
(Oxfam GB, Eretria, Uganda, DRC) - Team Leader

2008 - 2009
Development of system for engaging beneficiaries in programme monitoring, evaluation and learning
(Oxfam GB, Eretria, Uganda, DRC) - Team

Staff training on improving accountability to beneficiaries
(British Red Cross, UK) - Lead trainer

Strengthening Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) governance structures
(ICANN, USA) - Study lead

Supporting the development of good governance standards for National Child Helplines
(ChildHelpline International, Netherlands) - Team Leader

Independent review of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number's (ICANN) accountability and transparency
(US Department of Commerce, USA) - Team Leader


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