Strategic Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Partnership with Gatsby Africa

Itad is pleased to announce a new learning partnership with Gatsby Africa (Gatsby).

Gatsby’s work aims to facilitate economic growth and catalyse large-scale and lasting change in priority sectors, such as cotton in Tanzania. The learning partnership will help Gatsby to strengthen their Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning capacity across the organisation and within their individual programmes.

The partnership will work to refine the conceptual framework Gatsby use to think about whether their programmes are building the underlying conditions needed to create resilient economic sectors and lasting impact.  It will then strengthen programmes’ measurement frameworks to:

  • better track the underlying health and progress of sectors
  • generate more evidence about which programme activities are working and which are not
  • strengthen programmes’ abilities to adapt and flex based on their learning.

Justin Highstead, Executive Director at Gatsby Africa said of the partnership: 

“We work in hugely complex sectors and the transformation we’re looking for is highly ambitious. We’re looking for a sector to have the underlying capabilities and governance that mean it isn’t just competitive now but can dynamically adapt to future threats and opportunities; it’s about the sector surviving and thriving in the long-term.

“That level of complexity, ambition and dependence on others means we have to make assumptions, test them, learn from the evidence, and adapt our strategies where required. I’m really excited about this partnership with Itad; not just about how it will help us, but in having the space to be thoughtful and innovative around the frameworks used in this type of work – and then sharing the results with others who could benefit.”

Itad’s James Robinson, who will lead our work on the partnership said:

“We’re excited about the partnership and being part of the ambitious work of Gatsby. We believe that through this partnership we can make a significant contribution to these efforts.

We’re looking forward to working with the teams, supporting them to identify and measure change and create opportunities for learning that supports the navigation of these complex sectors.”

We look forward to working with Gatsby as they work to catalyse inclusive and resilient economic growth across East Africa.

For more information please see our project page and read the Learning Partnership briefing paper here.

Image © Raqey Mohamed for Gatsby Africa