Innovation prizes and support to solvers – how much, how little?

Here we discuss the challenges of running innovation prizes for development and the questions around additional support to solvers and value for money. 

Several of Ideas to Impact’s prizes have moved into their longer, implementation stages where the demands on solvers are higher and the potential for positive social change is greater. At this critical point in …

How and when should evaluation be brought into innovation prizes

Previously we shared our thoughts on why prizes for development are interesting for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) practitioners and how evaluating them can bring new challenges during evaluation.

In this post, we look at why evaluators may need to adjust their usual approach to working when evaluating prizes for development.

What’s different about the …

Why innovation prizes for development are interesting to evaluate

Itad is working in collaboration with IMC on Ideas to Impact, a DFID-funded programme supporting research and development in climate technologies for developing countries. Itad is leading the design and implementation of Ideas to Impact’s monitoring & evaluation. In this blog, the team share what they’ve found different about monitoring and evaluating …