Her potential, our future: the launch of DFID’s Strategic Vision for Gender Equality

In my 20 year journey in international development, I have seen many twists and turns, some giving us hope and energy and others not so much.

The launch of DFID’s new Strategic Vision for Gender Equality gives me fresh hope that we are about to start a new phase in our push for gender equality. As international development organisations grapple with the …

What has DFID funded in the area of Empowerment and Accountability and Gender equality?

The answer is not as straightforward as you may think. We had to figure it out whilst working on two evaluations for DFID, one of its gender policy – the Strategic Vision for Girls and Women, and the other of its Empowerment and Accountability policy. We needed to understand how these policies are reflected in DFID projects, and we also wanted to put the …

Getting to grips with the DFID Macro Evaluations

We were absolutely elated when, in February 2014, DFID awarded Itad, on behalf of the ePact consortium, the contract to conduct macro evaluations of their gender policy – the Strategic Vision for Girls and Women – and their Empowerment and Accountability policy.
Our initial reaction
Both macro evaluations are high profile, challenging pieces of work, but for …